Pre-purchasing your cruise photos ensures the best price for your cruise vacation memories. For further information and any questions please refer to the below frequently asked questions. For any unanswered questions, you can raise a ticket on our support site
My family is traveling in multiple staterooms. Can you link multiple staterooms under one photo package?
Your Photo disc or USB will contain your photos that include at least one member of the purchasing stateroom. We can accommodate families traveling in more than one stateroom where the occupants are the children 21 and under of the purchasing stateroom. If you meet this criteria, please order one photo package online and speak to a member of the Photo Gallery when you arrive onboard to have this arranged. We are not able to link accounts before you arrive onboard. For further information see our support site article here.
Does the price shown on the site already include the discount?
Yes, it is inclusive of the discount already; the price onboard will be higher.
How many printed photos will I receive if I order the "All Your Digital Photos + Prints" package?
With this package, you will receive all your digital photos on a disc and any photo that is printed and displayed in the Photo Gallery (note: ALL photos may not be printed). You are not guaranteed to have one printed copy of each of your digital photos; only whatever is contained in your folder.
How many photos can I expect to receive with an unlimited photo package?
It’s up to you! There are up to 40 photo opportunities onboard, but it’s easy to take many more. Get the greatest value by purchasing an unlimited photo package and enjoy as many photos as you like. Check out our online photo gallery for examples of opportunities you can expect to find on your voyage. Studios and other photo events vary by ship.
I only see one photo package available for my voyage. What other packages are available to me?
Photo packages vary by ship and by itinerary. There may only be one photo package available to pre-order for your itinerary. You can purchase individual photos onboard.
Can I use MyCruisePhotos.com to view and order my professional photos after my voyage?
No. MyCruisePhotos.com is for pre-ordering photo packages and keepsakes. While you can view your photos onboard during your voyage, you cannot view or purchase photos after you return home. Purchase online to secure your order and the best price. The only exception is Disney Cruise Guests have the ability to perform some limited post cruise purchases.
Is the Cruise DVD a personalized video of my family’s voyage?
No, the Cruise DVD is a highlight reel of your voyage and is meant to be a video keepsake of your on board experience.
How many pages is the PhotoBook?
The PhotoBook is 20 pages and holds up to 34 guest photos plus photos of your ship, decks and ports of call. Photos must include at least one guest from the purchasing stateroom in order to be included in the book. The photos you choose are printed directly into the PhotoBook. The PhotoBook is horizontally orientated and measures 11” x 8.5” with generally 2 photos per page. PhotoBooks are available on most cruise ships.
How will I know which events to attend to build my PhotoBook?
We are not able to post an event list online as events vary by itinerary and may change due to weather. We also recommend that you visit the Photo Gallery early on during your cruise and speak with a member of the staff. They will share tips on building your PhotoBook and answer any questions about the events. If you miss an event, that's ok! Any spaces can be edited or filled with photos of your ship and ports of call.
Can I make copies of my photos once I am home?
Yes. Print off the form here which will allow you to make copies of your digital or printed photos.
We are celebrating a special event onboard. Can we book a private photographer to capture a group photo or event?
If you wish to set up an hour of private photography for the group, you may do so by inquiring in the Photo Gallery as soon as you board the ship. Group photos booked by special appointment and other special events are not included in our photo packages.
If I order online, when will I receive my photos?
Your order will be ready on the last evening of the voyage. Please be sure to bring your confirmation email or order number with you and redeem your purchase in the Photo Gallery. We recommend you visit the Photo Gallery at least one time prior to the end of your voyage to view your photos.
Can I purchase photos onboard?
Yes, of course! Individual photo prints are available onboard and may vary in price. We cannot guarantee the packages available online will also be available to purchase onboard. Prices are subject to change. Onboard prices will never be higher than the prices on MyCruisePhotos.com. Please view our Price Match Policy for details.
What is the benefit of pre-ordering photo packages and keepsakes on MyCruisePhotos.com?
Some of our photo keepsakes are available in limited quantities per voyage. By purchasing online before you sail we can reserve your order. Placing your order online assures you the best possible price for your photo packages and keepsakes. Prices will never be higher onboard than on MyCruisePhotos.com.
Is there a deadline for placing online orders?
Yes. Orders must be placed 24 hours before 12:00am of your first sailing day. No orders can be placed past this time. E.g. If your sailing is on a Saturday you must place an order before midnight Thursday. We recommend ordering early, as there are production limitations on certain keepsakes, such as Digital Photos and PhotoBooks. If you have questions about your order or you have placed an order and are no longer sailing, please contact us through our support center.
What size are the photos that you print onboard?
Printed photos will vary in size but are usually in 6”x8” or 8”x10” format.
How much does it cost to pose for a photo?
There is no fee for posing for photos. All opportunities onboard, including studio sittings, are free of charge with no obligation to purchase. If you would like to purchase the photos, you can either pre-order a package online or visit the Photo Gallery once onboard.
There is a note on the checkout page about foreign transaction fees, what does this mean?
MyCruisePhotos.com is a Cayman Islands registered company. Please check with your bank and ask about your credit card's policy relating to online shopping from a foreign company for items priced in US dollars. For a card-by-card breakdown of conversion fees, visit BankRate.com. BankRate.com is not maintained or endorsed by MyCruisePhotos.com, we are not responsible for outdated or incorrect information.
Are VAT refund receipts provided for qualifying guests that reside outside of the European Union?
Yes, the Photo Team onboard will be more than happy to provide a VAT refund receipt to qualifying guests that reside outside of the European Union. Please request a VAT refund receipt on the last evening of your cruise when you visit the Photo Gallery to collect your photos.